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The MANT-eco For Planet project was a natural consequence of the eco-sustainable policy of our corporate culture. In this regard, the Radical Green Prize was awarded in the presence of the Italian Prime Minister for the efforts made to improve the sustainability of our processes. Our raw materials are controlled and traced back to the farm of origin, and in recent years we have increased the production from recycled fabrics according to the principles of circular economy, while meeting the needs of clients with finishing that enhance these products, once considered waste are now increasingly required for reasons of sustainability.

All our sustainable products are tested, processed within 5 miles in the district and certified.

“Green luxury is our philosophy”

“Green Luxury  is our philosophy”


The desire to enforce these values as an integral part of the production chain has given rise to the Charter of Values for Sustainability. The Direction of Manteco requires all workers and collaborators, internal and external, to follow the Value Charter.

In 2016, Manteco accomplished an important project for the construction of renewable energy systems, saving about 1,700,000 kwh.
Manteco issues every year the SUSTAINBILITY REPORT in reference to the GRI Standard.