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Our fabric collections (Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer) are processed with great care and attention to detail. They arise from specific creative projects whose starting point is the study and choice of raw materials.


Our Summer Collections are characterized by the lightness and fluidity of the fabrics that compose them.
Weft and warp are worked to make the fabrics versatile, perfect for men and women.
These fabrics are born from the study of the environment and contemporary culture to be applied to a constantly evolving fashion.


The winter collections offer structured fabrics, where the different combinations of finishes and fibers are almost endless, like the imagination of our technical offices and style that work with passion.
Dry hands alternate with other pasty or even silky. A no gender collection.


To facilitate the understanding of the technical characteristics and performance, every Manteco fabric comes with a series of specific icons that visually summarize the type. In this way, the final customer has one more tool available to choose the product that best suits his needs.