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Manteco System

The Manteco System is the natural evolution of Manteco responsible vision. It combines the respect of the territory’s heritage, an imprint for innovation and circular economy’s new values.

A 100% made in Italy system taking place within 10 miles around the company, completely based in the district supporting more than 3000 people. These people represent small and medium companies and artisans with high level of skills and totally complementary, to be able to offer the best choice to the market.

This tells the story of a relevant management system, where measurement controls are there not just to prove the quality of each single product, but to integrate one of the key values of Manteco, the total transparency and traceability of its production.

Manteco handles, and is able to verify, each of the phase of the fabric production:

  • Raw Material Chemical and Physical control
  • Yarn Physical contro
  • Raw fabric control
  • Finishing process contro
  • Fabric physical and chemical contro
  • Final quality inspection


To be aligned with the highest standards of the global market, the company and its partners have created and signed a protocol, called Protocol of Sustainable Values and Commitments able to both preserve the unique “genius loci” of the territory and to respect the heritage of all the partners involved, from the smaller business to the more structured one. Moreover, it works like a shared compass of sustainable values, allowing the whole supply chain behind Manteco products to stand out and be competitive on the global stage. The protocol – trackable and traceable – deal with the virtuous management of the resources like water, energy and chemical products, examining waste and its management to lower the production impact on the environment. It also indicates the responsible standards in terms of employment, quality of the working environment, equal rights and anti-discrimination policies making the company caring also about people well- being.