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The legacy of Manteco is a story of passion, care and great attention for the product and a path determined by the knowledge of its raw materials. In 1943 Manteco opens in Prato, thanks to the intuition of Enzo Mantellassi , who begins production for outerwear.
In 1967 Enzo’s son Franco Mantellassi assumes command of the Company. Franco enables Manteco to grow, while becoming an example of responsibility, innovation and sustainability. Today Franco has been joined by his sons Marco and Matteo, interpreters of a new story, which is based on a unique know how, an archive of 40,000 prototypes, with a capacity of production of more than 7 million meters of fabric per year.


Manteco has always remained faithful to the Made in Italy tradition, refusing to relocate production to countries where the cost of labor is lower. A choice that has allowed to maintain high quality production and attention to details, ensuring an excellent service for the customers. The Manteco fbrics encloses the right balance between craftsmanship and industrialization, thanks to the experience and tradition applied to cutting-edge technology.


Today Manteco exports to over 30 countries worldwide and counts among its main customers the most important fashion brands on an international scale, together with which it guarantees a sustainable and controlled development of the sector. The export activity of the fabrics is supported by a Customer Service attentive to the needs of the market.


Manteco constantly follows the evolution of the market and anticipates its needs through the skills of a specific stylistic and technical department that designs and manufactures entirely in Italy. Important investments, trend scouting, international travel, research and development are the starting point for the creation of a collection that will become a reference point for designers all over the world.

Manteco constantly follows the evolution of the market and anticipates the needs with the skills of a specific stylistic and technical department that designs and produces fully in Italy.

Important investments, trend scouting, international travel, research and development are the reference point for designers all over the world.


Manteco is an incubator of ideas, where past and future meet, craftsmanship and technology, avantgarde and safeguard. The combination of fashion and art is a common thread that has always distinguished the company, an exchange that nourishes creativity and stimulates new projects.


A special collaboration between the artist (painter, designer and sculptor) Fabio De Poli and Manteco, who saw the birth of a collection of exclusive works built with fabrics produced by the company. So it happens that once again art, fashion and culture meet in Manteco.


In 2018, on the occasion of the company’s 75th anniversary, Manteco decided to celebrate with two exceptional partners: Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art, in its 30th year since its foundation and Lungarno Collection, a luxury hotel group with a strong artistic attitude. A special event, with a focus on two themes dear to the company: Art and Nature.

A combination that finds the perfect interpreter in Loris Cecchini, a multidisciplinary artist that for the occasion created a site-specific work on the facade of the Gallery Hotel in Florence.

The art installation, realized with industrial manufacture and artisan assembly, tells a natural and mineral world through biological and architectural references, creating a particular atmosphere on the border between poetry, science and environment.

Transforming the fractal structure of “Waterbones” into fabric was an ambitious project, on which Loris Cecchini and Manteco worked closely together.

After a two-dimensional reading of the design of water bones on textile fibers, the studio has evolved towards three-dimensionality to recreate the poetic installation metaphor, fluctuating and changeable, evocative and rich in references to nature.

Just as “Waterbones” is the result of the interweaving of several disciplines – engineering, sculpture, design, biology – so was also the fabric / cover of an exclusive limited edition book, an avant-garde shell that combines craftsmanship and technology.

The installation has recently become part of the company, enriching the headquarters with its lightness and mutability.